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PS. Thanks to those people who purchased shirts and mugs on Cafe Press. I love you all.



There were a couple of requests for T-shirts over the last day or so, which prompted me to check out my Cafe Press store for the first time in months. Now, my Cafe Press store kind of depressed me. I was convinced I’d had no sales, as I thought I’d receive an email from CP if there was any action at my virtual cash register – but I’d heard nothing. So you can imagine my surprise when I logged in today and saw that I had made… wait for it… SEVEN SALES! HOLY SHIT!

Yeah, sure, that was my total sales from the last five or six months… but it was enough to make me put a load of new things up in the store. A 

Anyway here’s the link:

Now, if anybody needs me, I’ll be shopping for yachts while I wait for the millions to flow in. 😉


Dear all,

A mate of mine, Paul Murphy, has just finished an indie film he wrote and starred in – it’s called “Hobby Farm” and it’s a dark and gritty Aussie gangster film. Violence? Oh there’s violence. And blood. What about flared jeans? Yes, there are plenty of those. It’s set in the 70’s after all.

Anyway, not only was it Murphy’s brainchild, and not only did he star in it, he also did a lot of the running about to secure all the money from investors to make the film in the first place. He (and director Brad Diebert) got some pretty well-known Aussie actors to star in it, and even got the film scored by Andrew giddings of JETHRO TULL. All up, the whole thing has been a monumental task, I’m telling you. The poor boy. After all the effort, he looks like he has cancer or something.

Anyways, hopefully I can help spread the word a little bit, to support independent cinema and all that. If you have a minute, go check out the trailer at




CAFE PRESS: Check out my store to get this cartoon on a shirt! Or a mug! Holy shit!

Sorry The Rut has been so quiet of late… it’s just that populating Urf is proving to be kind of fun. 🙂

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