NOTE: Sorry about that little period of inactivity… Though technically it was a period of enormous activity, as I have been busy writing script after script for a freelance job I’ve taken on. It has been an all-encompassing task. I have spent days hunched over the laptop, living on microwave dinners and toast. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I have now got the flu. It’s manifested itself in the form of a rather nasty cough. Read this paragraph aloud and cough loudly after every third word for a simulation of my plight. 🙂

 Anyways, bear with me through the coming weeks, as this freelance job ain’t done with me yet. However, I will be updating as often as is super-humanly possible, but there will be quiet periods. If one of these periods extends beyond a few weeks, please send help, as I may have collapsed on my laptop from microwave dinner- induced malnutrition.