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This photo is tres funny.

A couple of years ago, myself and three of my best mates went backpacking around Europe for a few months. One of the many, many drunken nights took place in Paris, and as we staggered back to the hostel, one of my mates, Barn Dog, thought it might be funny to run into a posh restaurant, take a photo, and run back out. So he did. It was all over in ten seconds, and this is the resulting photo.


You can see poor mademoiselle is utterly confused, and perhaps a bit taken aback by what she sees. But if you could see the drunken, unshaven, overly-tanned backpacker – and if you could also smell him after three months of living out of a backpack – you’d probably look a bit stunned too.

There was a companion video that went with this… I shot Barn Dog as he ran across the road and disappeared into the restaurant. We see a large flash illuminate the interior of the restaurant, and Barn Dog emerges giggling like a schoolgirl. Classic viewing, especially alongside this photo. Unfortunately, that video seems to have been lost to the ages… I think I deleted it accidentally the following night. Yes, I was drunk. 😦

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