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I’ve got this big folder full of hundreds of cartoons, and the only ones reading them at the moment are silverfish. And they keep complaining that they’re not subtle enough for sophisticated silverfish sensibilities, so I might as well start putting ’em up here.

Fact: Did you know silverfish can live for around 15 years? At least, I’m pretty sure that’s right. Hmmm. Better verify that with wikipedia. Hang on a sec. 

Ok, just checked wikipedia, they say silverfish live for a thousand years, can burrow through concrete, and come from the third moon of Jupiter. Sounds like bullshit to me – I’m pretty sure it’s the second moon.


Found this cartoon in the front of my work pad.

I sure hope the guy gets lucky with the bag of coal. Though he could wind up looking like some kind of paedophile, you know, coz if he’s covered in coal dust it might look like he’s been sleeping with a minor. arf arf.


Couldn’t be bothered writing anything, as it’s late after noon, which mean my brain is slowly settling in the base of my skull, like one of those creme caramel desserts after you pop it out of the cup into a bowl. SHLUP.

So here is a pickchuh i drawed. I think I need more sleep.


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